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The Schulenburg Area Food Pantry (SAFP) has a modified “Client Choice” food distribution system. This was designed after the Ohio State University Extension model of the Rainbow of Choice, offering healthful selections within the five-food group based on the My Pyramid system.

This has allowed the clients to choose food, based on their need and preference. For those clients not used to accepting “donated food,” this friendly store environment is perhaps a more acceptable option for maintaining the dignity of these clients than that of a traditional food pantry.

In an attempt to promote healthy food choices, our volunteers offer suggestions to the clients  on how to use various food items such as dried cranberries on cereal or as a snack choice.

We have given out recipes for use with USDA commodities.





The SAFP currently serves 182 low-income families comprising over 518 individuals each month. There are over 150 households registered as active clients, which means they have received food within the last 6 months.


In 2018, we supplied 1,219 households comprised of over 3,918 individuals some 61,868 pounds of food, requiring over 3,331 volunteer hours. $77,945.40 is the equivalent value in dollars for the time volunteered. The community donated over 22,085 pounds of food to our organization.


The SAFP was established in 1996. In 2004, we elected a community board of directors who obtained corporate status in Texas and a 501(c)(3) non-profit status in 2005.


The Schulenburg Area Food Pantry is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation. All gifts are deductible to the full extent allowed by tax laws.


SAFP is a partner since January 1996 with the Central Texas Food Bank CTFB, Austin, Texas.


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Board of Directors


Debra Blansitt, President


Jack Niesner, Vice President 


Kim Olsovsky, Treasurer


Deborah Fulton, Secretary


Deborah Fulton, Communications Secretary



Elaine Kocian, Director


Ed Semler, Director


Louise Berger, Director


Susie Stewart, Director


Rodney Michalke, Director

About Our Logo 

SAFP Logo Framed


The Schulenburg Area Food Pantry's logo evolved when the board of directors approached Mrs. Sharron Hoogendoorn, an art instructor at Schulenburg ISD.


Sharron held a competition and several great proposals were submitted. Kodi Dvorak's drawing was the one that caught our eye.


With the help of Suzanne Batchelder, a local artist, Kodi's artwork became our logo, which is proudly printed on our letterhead and thank you notes.