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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the Schulenburg Area Food Pantry?


 A.  The Schulenburg Area Food Pantry (SAFP) is a non-profit community effort to provide groceries and household products to people in the Schulenburg area who are in need.


Q.  Where is the Schulenburg Area Food Pantry located?


 A.  The Schulenburg Area Food Pantry is located at 304 East Avenue in Schulenburg, Texas


Q.  When is the Schulenburg Area Food Pantry open?


A.  We are open every Thursday morning from 9 AM to 11 AM, excluding national holidays.


Q.  Do I qualify for commodities?


A.  To qualify for USDA commodities from the SAFP, you must meet the following qualifications based on income level and household size:


Based on 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size

Annual Income

Monthly Income

Twice-Monthly Income

Bi-Weekly Income

Weekly Income


$ 23,107

$ 1,926

 $    963

$    889

 $    445


$ 31,284

 $ 2,607

 $ 1,304

 $ 1,204

 $    602


$ 39,461

 $ 3,289

 $ 1,645

$ 1,518

 $    759


$ 47,638

 $ 3,970

 $ 1,985

 $ 1,833

 $    917


$ 55,815

$ 4,652

 $ 2,326

 $ 2,147

 $    1,074


$ 63,992

 $ 5,333

 $ 2,667

 $ 2,462

 $ 1,231

For each additional household member, add:

$   8,177

$    682

 $    341

 $    315

 $    158


      Note:  This table is from the effective dates of July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. These guidelines are not to determine a client's eligibility to receive food assistance but only to determine their eligibility to receive USDA commodities that may be in the food pantry.


     Exceptions that will qualify you:

     -  Farmers and the self-employed qualify based on gross income (income minus expenses)

     -  Households with unexpected and unavoidable expenses of a household crisis may qualify for temporary emergency food assistance without regard to gross or net income guidelines.


Q.   What paperwork is required to receive assistance?


A.   A self-declared form must be filled out. This form requires you to state your name, address, household size, government assistance received, and income. We take your statements on this form in good faith and it is not reviewed by government entities, nor does it require any proof in the form of ID, utliity bills or citizenship.


Q.   How often can clients come to the Pantry?
A.   Clients may come once each month. They do not have to wait 30 days to return; they do need to wait until another month begins.
Q.   What type of food can I expect?
A.   This depends on our available food supply. We try to have canned vegetables, fruits and a protein source.  Meat (frozen or canned), peanut butter or canned fish as well as milk and dairy products.  Cereal and juice are provided when available. Potatoes, onions and other fresh vegetables as they are available.